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SoftLib (Library Automation software)

Complete automation of Library work. Not only provide day-to-day activity records but also provide lots of reports for AICTE, DTE & other committees which also useful for getting health status of Library.

SackInfo (Educational ERP Software)

Educational ERP plays important role in maintaining & managing various day-to-day activities with recordkeeping for MIS (management information system) to take appropriate action for any sort of decision.

Academic Monitoring

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Welcome To SyNchRoniK

We at SyNchRoniK Inc, have developed the versatile software for the variety of needs of Educational Institutes for their day to day & other Management related activities with all most all important reports & information frequently asked by various prevailing committees like AICTE, DTE, NBA etc. & Management Bodies.

As we are aware that a MIS (Management Information System) plays a vital role in an Educational Institute. With continuous increase in number of students, material & other data in various categories, the management of institution becomes tedious and cannot provide required quality service to the users.

The Customized College Automation software developed by SyNchRoniK Inc. ensures very fast, prompt and well-managed services to every one concerned. The software is so user friendly that, not only the working staff but also the users feel themselves very comfortable & at ease.

Beside, various routine features mentioned in the enclosed brochure, the advanced features like Web enabled, automated & manual sending of SMS to concern person, Response to SMS, Cash Collection, associating Digital media, Photo ID cards, Bar-coding and Web_OPAC, Graphical presentation, link with Bio-Matrix (finger print) machine, RF ID cards etc... are also incorporated in this software.

Company not only provides the suitable software for your esteemed institution but also commits the long-term healthy relationship by way of an excellent after sales support.

The SyNchRoniK & its services are not new to you as our Library Automation software which is running successfully in more than 125 institutions from past 11 years.

The technology used for this is .Net (using C# & VB.Net) as front end & Oracle 10g as backend, which is very reliable for handling very high end data & web application with full security.